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Creating animal art is my passion and raison d'etre. The beautiful NW hills of Connecticut inspire artists and artwork. A great place for kids, and (for me) wildlife, but also a rural area, removed from crime and poverty.

Perfect subjects for animal art abound here: we have an abundance of wildlife - deer, bobcats, wolves, coyotes, black bears and yes, mountain lions. This is a place to hide, a sanctuary for wildlife, as well as the rich and famous.

My husband Jack, (a Vietnam Veteran and environmental systems designer), has seen mountain lions on several occasions, and he knows animals as well as I do.

I started artwork at an early age, as my father's college text books can attest to. My mother gave my brother and me pencils and paper and we would go along on her Plein Air painting trips.

An industrial artist, my brother, Don Kelemen, who graduated from Pratt, is a brilliant industrial designer with many awards, even with very limited vision in one eye. My son Doug practices art as a gifted photographer, in spite of being a quadriplegic.

I suffered permanent frontal lobe brain damage as a baby. The left lobe deals with logic, the right lobe, with art and artistry. I am not supposed to have a creative spark in my head. But art is in our lives. Most of us may have crosses to bear, but we also see the sunset along our path as we pursue our art - our creative calling.

I majored in sculpture at RISD. When I left school I didn't have the resources for sculpting supplies and decided that I really wanted to create art by painting after all.

I have been teaching myself to paint animal art ever since. I strive for perfection but it is always the fruit dangling at the end of the branch, just out of reach. Still we never stop trying. Art is in me, I need it, it expels the demons of life, it is a safe haven.

Zoos and wildlife parks are a must for me - a natural place for animal art! I work exclusively from Jack's and my photographs, as it is hard to get a polar bear to sit still for a painting. I am working on non-wildlife paintings also, and will try and keep the website up to date with my newest art work.

I will not bore you with the details of the art shows I have been in or what artwork I have sold. Just know that I have a lot of paintings out there, hopefully being enjoyed.

Thank you for visiting Animal Art and taking the time.

Best wishes,

Bonnie Evans    Copyright © 2008-14